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This is a famous place for fishing which is about 50 Km from Srinagar. It is a place that is less known to the tourists. It is a beautiful little area which is worth a visit. It is located in Budgam district and is very popular among people who like fishing. It is said that the cattle grazing in the meadows of Doode e Pather, produces rich milk in large quantity , this is the reason for naming this valley as "valley of milk" Doodh e Pather. The shepherds from different areas travel to this place along with their cattle's and stay there for days together. This area also connected to Gurez valley on its north. A flowing river surrounding this area with soft wind passing through the pine trees of the enclosures of the valley. This place if often referred as "VALLEY OF MILK" due to its high produces of milk. A State of Art Tourist Reception Centre (TRC) is coming up at a cost of Rs. 3.27 crore at Virgin Tangnar, Doodh Pathri tourist destination would be commissioned within next few months. This basic tourist infrastructural facility shall give a major boost to tourist influx to Doodhpathri, known for its virgin natural beauty.

Crafted by Syed Burhan Hyder