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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
Kailash Mansarovar Yatra
  • Visiting Season: Summer, Spring
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One of the most arduous treks, the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra or KMY is a trip exclusive for Indians popular for its religious significance. Devotees of Lord Shiva visit the snow-clad peaks in the Himalayas to pay him a visit and seek his blessings. This yatra that takes place only during a few months of the year is not for everyone. Freezing temperatures, rugged terrain, dangerous trekking trails and high altitudes are part of this religious tour which is only for physically fit people. The annual pilgrimage is not just revered for Hindus, but also Jains and Buddhists.
Every year, the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is conducted in batches via different routes for a select number of people. After careful medical examination and getting yourself acclimatized to the extreme conditions are people picked for this trek of a lifetime.
It involves trekking at high altitudes of up to 19,500 feet, under inhospitable conditions, including extreme cold and rugged terrain. Hindus regard Mt Kailash as the earthly manifestation of Mt Meru, the spiritual centre of the universe. On Mt Meru is situated Svarga or heaven, according to Hindu mythology. Whoever visits the place is cleansed of his sins. Visiting the Manasarovar Lake is also a part of the pilgrimage. Mansarovar Lake, located at an altitude of 14,950 ft (4,558m) is said to be the highest freshwater lake in the world.
Pilgrims (yatris) taking a ritual bath in the lake are assured of reaching Lord Brahma?s paradise and a drink of its holy water freeing them from the sins of a hundred lifetimes. A pilgrimage to Mt Kailash involves circumambulating the holy mountain and also the Manasarovar Lake. Hindus travel clockwise around the mountain to cover the 52 km circuit. Likewise, circumambulating Manasarovar Lake is also an important ritual. The circuit is a little over 100 km and takes 4-5 days to complete.

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